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Award-Winning Imperial Stout, 9.5%

Award-Winning Imperial Stout, 9.5%

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This beer won a Trophy in the International Beer Challenge - a huge honour! Well done to our amazing brew-team, we're incredibly proud of you!

THE WILD BREWS PROJECT comprises brewer Jaega Wise’s most exciting and ambitious work to date. An expert on wild fermentation, she sought to produce a series of exemplary bottle-conditioned beers. Since 2018, she and the rest of the brew-team began working away, tweaking her recipes and starting the process of ageing. And so began a project which would expand and evolve over many years.

Imperial stout made with pale planet malt, roasted barley and chocolate malt, for a soft mouthfeel and and roasted nuttiness. Strong hop charge of Citra Leaf hops added at boil, for a firm bitterness. Fermented with US05, delivering an Imperial Stout with rising tobacco and espresso aromas, and body of dried fruit.

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