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Award-winning Cuvée Saison

Award-winning Cuvée Saison

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THE WILD BREWS PROJECT comprises brewer Jaega Wise’s most exciting and ambitious work to date. An expert on wild fermentation, she sought to produce a series of exemplary bottle-conditioned beers. Since 2018, she and the rest of the brew-team began working away, tweaking her recipes and starting the process of ageing. And so began a project which would expand and evolve over many years.

A Cuvée Saison brewed with Vienna, Carapils, wheat and a pale malt. Aged hops are added during the boil. Fermented with our house saison best and allowed to gently sour naturally. Aromas of apple skins and green plums. Light carbonation, notes of white grape with a complex lactic tartness. Keep cool.

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