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'Wild Brews' + Cuvée Saison

'Wild Brews' + Cuvée Saison

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This pack includes Jaega's book WILD BREWS and one bottle of our spontaneously-fermented CUVEE SAISON.

Our head brewer, Jaega, is one of the UK's experts in wild fermentation. Here, she explains the science behind the brewing process and shares her recipes so that you can experiment at home. Learn how to brew, bottle, and age your beer in wooden barrels, and produce a range of different sour beer styles, farmhouse ales and fruit beers.

Recipes and styles featured in the book include:
- German Berliner Weisse (tart and refreshing) and Gose (salty and dry)
- Belgian Lambics, gueze, Flanders red ale and fruit beers
- French Farmhouse ales such as saison and biere de garde
- Norwegian Farmhouse Ales including the Kveik IPA
- English Old Ale

This guide comes with a 750ml bottle of our spontaneously-fermented Cuvee Saison.

TASTING NOTES: Fermented with Belgian yeast and imbued with aged hops in the boil, allowed to gently sour naturally. Aromas of apple skins and green plums. Light carbonation, notes of white grape with a complex lactic tartness.

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