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Party Pack (3x24 330mls, 12x440mls)

Party Pack (3x24 330mls, 12x440mls)

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with a Wild Card Tumbler?

Need some booze for your office party, house party or just to survive your extended family gathering? We've sorted you out with our Party Pack!

This pack includes:

1 case of Wild Card IPA (24x330ml)
1 case of Wild Card Pale Ale (24x330ml)
1 case of Wild Card Lager (24x330ml)

12 of our favourite 440ml special beers, mainly pales and IPAs with some of our sour and dark beers thrown in for good measure.

Bon Vivant Pale Ale | 4.8%
NEIPA | 5.4%
432 Hz IPA | 5.4%
Lovely Dog Pale Ale | 4.8%
Scorpio Black IPA | 5.9%
Virgo Apricot and Lemon Sour | 4.8%
Passion fruit Gose | 4.8%
Living On Light Session Pale | 3.5%
Tres Chic Pale Ale | 4.6%
Sacred Geometry Pale Ale | 4.8%
Libra German Helles | 4.9%
East Coast Pale

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