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Collection: Astrology Beers

Trying in vain to align your chakras? Tired of reading inaccurate tea leaves? Open the WILD CARD ASTROLOGY BOX. Harness the arcane power of the stars to find out what YOUR FUTURE holds. 

We've created a trio of beers to honour the celestial bodies which rule the Autumn Zodiac. To brew Scorpio, head brewer Jaega’s grain-bill contained only a spattering of roasted, dehusked barley Carafa III,  to produce a darker-than-dark, 5.4% IPA. Waimea, Loral and Mosaic hops ensure the beer’s taste profile remains intensely zesty. Capricorn is a thick, dank and juicy 6.1% NEIPA - floral on the nose, with bright pineapple and mango aromas from Citra and Azacca, and a lingering bitter finish. The final beer in the series is Sagittarius; a pillowy, juicy 4.1% pale ale that finishes sweet.
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