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The 'Das Minerals' Pack

The 'Das Minerals' Pack

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With Tumbler Glass?

The UK's no 1. brewery specialising in healing and spiritual magics brings you DAS MINERALS. Tap into the Earth's cosmic vibrations with our new series of crystalline beer.

432Hz (5.4%) // IPA

A hazy, hoppy IPA. American hop Talus shines here, bringing together pink grapefruit, floral and stone-fruit aromas.

Sacred Geometry (4.6%) // Pale Ale

Sacred Geometry is a full-bodied, creamy Pale Ale, made on a luxurious base of pale malts and flaked oats. Cryo-Cascade and punchy American hop HBC 630 for tutti frutti body and a delightful refreshing finish.

Living On Light (3.4%) // Session Pale Ale

Living On Light is airy and drinkable, with a super-soft body and exceptionally tropical flavor profile thanks to American hops Mosaic and Citra. Pithy citrus on the nose, drying down to a lightly sweet finish.

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