At Wild Card, we’ve become aware of some vital truths which need to be told. In collaboration with Nottingham breweries Castle Rock, Neon Raptor, Black Iris and Liquid Light, we are liberating the people’s minds from the forces which keep us yoked by ignorance.

Brain Wave may look like an innocuous IPA, but it contains a key message, of the radioactive techniques deployed by the government to control us.  While you enjoy Polar Ice Walls, a Pale Ale, see for the first time a true representation of what science has hidden from us, the vast geographical phenomenon which surrounds the flat earth.

Extraterrestrial Megaliths, a dry-hopped lager, is the true face of Stonehenge, the origin story of which has conveniently remained shrouded in mystery. And finally, we go further in our debunking than any man has gone before. The powers that be have attempted to construct a narrative of a moon landing hoax, intended as a distraction from the real farce - the MOON itself. Pick up a can of our fruited NEIPA to see for yourself.

TURN OFF THE TV. OPEN YOUR EYES. Nottingham Craft Beer Festival 2021.

Artwork by Hidden Shapes