The Wild Card Project: Fulmar Illustration

Our latest releases give an illustrated glimpse into the urban wild on our very own doorstep, the Walthamstow Wetlands.

We collaborated with North London based Deiniol Owen of Fulmar Illustration to bring the birds of the wetlands to life in this project. 

Peregrine Falcon, 4.6% | New England Pale Ale brewed with a cool oat mash and a hot lager grist blended in. Fermented with our in-house hazy yeast blend and finished with a double dry hop of Azacca and Idaho 7.

Grey Heron, 4.3% | Thick, juicy pale ale made with a mix of pale malt, both flaked and malted oats and a generous amount of wheat. Brewed with a special yeast to finish on the sweeter side and finished with a double dry hop of fresh Mosaic and Cryro Cascade.

Great Crested Grebe, 5.2% | IPA made with a pale, oat and wheat malt base and fermented with an innovative yeast blend which gives a gentle, low intensity ferment. Finished with a double dry hop of the gorgeous Cashmere and the Australian favourite, Vic Secret.

Ring Necked Parakeet, 5.3% | A Belgian Pale Ale, brewed with pale and wheat malt, a small amount of Light Crystal and Cara Red. Hopped on the hot side with the classic noble hop Saaz and fermented with Belle Saison yeast. Singularly hopped to finish with Mosaic to accentuate the natural fruity notes from the yeast.