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Collection: The Wild Card Project: London Roller Derby

We're super excited to announce our latest collaboration: with the London Roller Derby. A 6% IPA, a 6.1% Saison and a 5% Pale Ale.  Each can was designed and named after three key positions in the sport, with artwork created by the comic book artist and illustrator Veronica Fish. We were particularly inspired by her illustrations on the Slam! Comic, which showcase the competitive and assertive quality of Roller Derby.

The London Roller Derby spearheaded the introduction of this fast-paced, full-contact sport to the UK and Europe and continue to have a great impact on the sport's development. We've featured three of their skaters on each can's illustration. The Blocker - Nele Van Bogaert/ Humpme Bogart, The Captain - Lois Swann/ Swann and The Jammer - Charelle Christian/ Beat-her Parker.

To find out more about the London Roller Derby - click here!

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  • Wild Card x HER London IWD IPA, 6%
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