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Wild Card’s newest beers and the friendliest monsters in town. Despite their cuteness and silly haircuts, they have lives as rich and as complicated as their fellow humanoids. 

Keith is our furry, pink ESPRESSO STOUT 5.5% , rated #1 for athletics in the world. His mate Lesley is our 5.5% NEIPA, thick and juicy, celebrated for having four wiggly legs. Alex, a 4.8% PALE ALE is our most youthful monster. Despite a tiny stature and rather enormous eyes, Alex remains optimistic about finding love. Concluding the series is our gorgeously winged Barbara, decorating our sessionable 4.8% IPA. 

Wild Card’s cute monsters were made in collaboration with Anna Borup - an artist living in East London. In her work, she uses a bold colour palette, with a focus on surreal compositions which feature animals and nature. 

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